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Advocacy and Government Relations

NAIFA works hard to keep members and lawmakers informed about where we stand on important issues. By clicking HERE, you can find NAIFA's stances on the issues that matter most to the business of insurance and financial advising. Check regularly for updates and additional information.

APICAdvisors Political Involvement Committee

NAIFA's Advisors Political Involvement Committee (APIC) oversees a database of thousands of insurance agents and financial advisors who have volunteered to be part of NAIFA's nationally-recognized legislative action team. When federal legislation hits a crucial point in the process on Capitol Hill, NAIFA activates its contact system. Agents and advisors around the country communicate NAIFA's message on Capitol Hill about issues that affect their livelihoods. This contact takes place in the form of letters, faxes, phone calls and face-to-face meetings in congressional districts and in Washington, DC.

Your involvement in APIC assures that elected officials will hear your views on critical issues. By joining APIC, you will be on the legislative front line.

If you know your member of Congress in the U.S. House or Senate, please let us know so we can add you to NAIFA's growing list of politically active agents!

Click HERE for more information about APIC and to fill for a brief form about your relationship with your member of Congress and someone in the APIC Office at NAIFA will get in touch with you.

IFAPACInsurance and Financial Advisors Political Action Committee

IFAPAC advances the legislative interests of NAIFA, seeks to preserve a favorable governmental climate and promotes the best interests of consumers—as served by active members of local associations – by supporting the campaigns of carefully selected candidates for elective office. There is no more important function of NAIFA than impacting on laws and regulations affecting the products NAIFA members sell and the customers they serve. Our legislative and political programs are NAIFA’s first line of offense and defense. NAIFA created its political action committee in 1966. IFAPAC was and still is the association’s strong response to the need for vigorous, effective representation on behalf of members of its local and state associations.What is IFAPAC?

The Insurance and Financial Advisors Political Action Committee (IFAPAC) is a term used to describe collectively the PAC sponsored by NAIFA at the federal level and the PACs sponsored by each state association. Each PAC is a fund that supports the campaigns of candidates for public office who understand issues important to insurance agents and financial advisors. IFAPAC’s goal is to help the associations advance the legislative and regulatory interests of the members of NAIFA. While any U.S. citizen can contribute to IFAPAC, only members of local NAIFA associations may be solicited to do so. Contributions must be voluntary. Contributions are not tax deductible for federal income tax purposes. Of approximately 3,700 political action committees registered with the Federal Election Commission, IFAPAC ranks in the top 1 percent. IFAPAC is the largest insurance PAC in the country. In the last election cycle, the national IFAPAC and the 50 state IFAPACs contributed approximately $2.5 million to federal and state candidates and committees.

The IFAPAC network is needed even in years when there aren't federal elections. The candidate evaluation and support processes go on all the time. PACs that have the resources to make contributions when candidates need them most are highly visible in the political arena. IFAPAC occasionally makes debt-retirement contributions following elections and some states hold elections in odd-numbered years.

On the national level, a panel of ten NAIFA members, appointed by the Executive Committee of NAIFA, determines which candidates for federal office will receive PAC contributions. This group is called the Candidate Selection Group. On the state level, contributions to candidates are made via a similar volunteer committee process. Input from state and local association officers and current contributors is vital to the ability of state and national selection committees to make informed decisions regarding which candidates to support. IFAPAC encourages contributors to provide factual information on candidates.

For more information about IFAPAC and to make contributions securely online, please click HERE. To download a printable IFAPAC contribution form in PDF format, please click HERE.



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